Who we are


We are CBE, the largest specialist in sterilization and microbial load reduction in Latin America.

In the market since 1978, we were the first company to employ gamma sterilization methods in the country. We also offer solutions through the biggest particle accelerator (E-BEAM) in Latin America.

We are the only company providing both technologies to a wide range of industries. Our technologies have numerous advantages when compared against others sterilization processes, also providing us with unrivalled competitiveness.

Two units strategically located on major logistics in São Paulo – Rodovia Dom Pedro I (Jarinu) and Av. Cruzada Bandeirantes – (Raposo Tavares/Cotia) – have a monthly treatment capacity of 40 thousand m³ of health care industry products and 80 thousand tons of miscellaneous items.



Bureau Veritas




CNEN - Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear


IIA - International Irradiation Association

Our Values


We strive for precision in our processes, accounting, and procedures.We strictly observe the applicable rules and laws and we believe in transparencyin our relationship with stakeholders – costumers, collaborators, suppliers, government, and the community.

Respect towards our people

A healthy organizational environment is essential for the development of a company, preserving the humane aspects of our relationship with collaborators and valuing diversity.We continuously care for the security and health of our people, and we respect and support the development of each individual as much as we do regarding the development of our company.

Environmental responsibility

With a production process that does not generate residues and that demands low power consumption, we use our technologies for the well-being and safety of society.