Animal Nutrition
Contamination and infestation-free food, capable of promoting life.

Ionizing energy can be used as a corrective or preventive processfor ingredients, raw material, and final products. Adding up to this benefit, the method offers competitive advantages for special products, like increasingthe level of safety and quality, and extending shelf life.

Treated Products

  • Food for animal vivarium (test subjects)
  • Food for poultry, livestock, and pets
  • Animal and vegetal-based protein
  • Cereals and grains
  • Pet food
  • Pet chews
  • Others
Nutrição animal


  • Highly efficient methods, supporting the safety level required by this type of food.
  • Can be applied in any stage of food production.
  • Nutritional properties are not changed, increasing and maintaining product quality and integrity.
  • Both technologies promote the elimination of fungus, bacteria, pathogens, and insects in any stage of life (eggs, pupae, larvae etc.).